Still Spirits Icon Liqueurs

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Still Spirits Icon Liqueurs are easy to make, no mess pre-mixed flavour essence and base. Simply pour contents of sachet into a bottle, top up with spirit and shake.

Still Spirits is the world leader in still technology, distilling products and spirit essences. With Still Spirits products you can easily make low-cost alcohol and turn it into delicious, full flavoured, authentic replications of far more expensive spirits & liqueurs.

Natural fermentation can produce a spirit of about 20% ABV without distillation.

Water’n’Wine carries the following Icon Liqueur flavours:

  • Amaretto
  • Irish Cream
  • Coconut Rum
  • Cafelua
  • Black Raspberry Royal
  • Nero Di Calabria
  • Arancello
  • Limoncello
  • Peach Schnapps
  • Black Sambuca